Sunday, December 02, 2007

in english

and this is just because some of the readers may be only english readers.

yesterday I went to a 6th graders basketball game. some elementary school here in Bowling Green, KY. it was kind of fun. some of the kids played really well. not that I am a basket expert but they did. or to my eyes they did. sharon works in the biology office of WKU. she has twins. she is whom I went with. their team: THE MAGICS won!!!!!! oh YEAHHHHH!!!! after the game we went for dinner at a local pizza place. the kids sat on a table and I and her sat by ourselves. it was a good chance to chat a little. next stop: next door got some shoes :) after many many tries I brought size 9... small :( maybe I'll get someone to keep them and get a new larger pair for myself. I really like the shoes but they are to small...

got myself back home around ten...ish. we stopped at southern lanes bowling place. the kids played a game and we chatted for a little more. they are funny!! and they think it is funny my 'portuguese' accent so different from theirs. kids are very good in picking up those differences, and they are not an exception.

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